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Whitby Real Estate for Sale

Whitby Real Estate for Sale

January 27 2016, 04:50am

Posted by Whitby Realtor

If you are looking for Whitby Real Estate for Sale, then there's a very good chance that either you are in the market to buy one of those Whitby homes or you are learning about the market to buy a home soon. While it is always a good idea to have the knowledge about the market, there is a more efficient way to find the best value Whitby Real Estate for Sale.

Town of Whitby, ON can be divided in to two separate sections. Well, there is no such division in reality but for the propose of buying your house in Whitby, its easier if you divide the town residents in to two separate sections. One is the old original town of Whitby and other is the new developments. Old original Whitby that has been there from the beginning has those houses that are over 10 years or so old. All the new developments and new subdivisions that are being built in the town of Whitby over the last 10 years or so is on the north side of Whitby, north of Rossland Road.

So far as of writing this article in January 2016, area between Rossland Road and Taunton road are filled up with new subdivisions. Now there are new projects that are underway to build new subdivisions north of Taunton road. Within the next few years, Whitby population will be doubled of what it is now as more and more people are moving to the town of Whitby.

If you are just looking for Whitby Real Estate for Sale, you will find houses for sale on various sites on the internet, but without having the local knowledge of which area of Whitby or exactly which subdivisions or communities are more prestigious and family friendly than others, houses in which subdivision goes up higher than houses in other parts of the town, you will not have this information.

Only a qualified and local Whitby real estate agent can help you identify the right community in Whitby that has more potential than others. So if you are searching for Whitby Real Estate for Sale, do your own search as you wish but make sure you avail the services of a Whitby real estate agent to actually buy a house in Whitby.

More and more Whitby Real Estate for Sale listings are popping up on the MLS site as well as on other internet sites that lists new and resell homes. There are various reasons why there are so much inventory in the town and for having all these Whitby Real Estate for Sale listings.

One reason is that there is no inventory in the greater Toronto area. People who work in the city of Toronto wish to either live in Toronto or wish to live somewhere close for commuting convenience. Since Whitby is only 15 minutes from Toronto border, this is a prime target for people who wish to buy a house and don't wish to live too far away form the city.

Second reason is that Whitby is in the east of Toronto and there is no more inventory left in the west of Toronto anymore. That leaves east side pretty much the only available option for new or resell home buyers. Out of all the towns in the Durham Ontario region, Whitby is considered to have the more amount of educated workforce. Whitby is also considered to be the business center of Durham Ontario so if you want to start a business of wish to shift your business, Whitby is the ideal choice.

So you see, there are lot of Intel you need to buy a house. While you can buy a house without even having any Intel about the specific part of the town, which community has most amount of increase in house value year after year compared to other part of the town, which community has the best school, which community is closer to the supermarket or mall or place of worship, etc are things you will need to consider when buying a Whitby home. This is the best way you can secure your investment for higher return in the long run.

So if you are looking for a Whitby Real Estate for Sale, contact a local Whitby real estate agent who will find you the best value for your money. Best value for the best home - that’s that house worth buying.